Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout that burns calories, increases stamina, and helps you develop a toned and strong body without putting too much stress on the joints. Indoor cycling classes are a great way to get in top physical condition and stay there.
We recommend wearing comfortable, sweat-wicking workout attire. Avoid wearing loose-fitting long pants that may get caught in the pedals.
Don’t be intimidated! Indoor cycling classes are appropriate for individuals of all experience and fitness levels. If you are a beginner, arrive early to your first class and let the front desk staff know it’s your first visit. Our staff and instructors will take great care of you.
Yes! All riders are required to wear cycling shoes that clip into the pedals. Our pedals accommodate Delta and SPD clips. Don’t have cycling shoes? No worries, we have you covered with free clip-in shoes for every ride!
You must cancel a ride 5 hours before the scheduled start time to avoid losing that class. If you cancel any sooner to class starting, you lose your credit.
Indoor cycling is a safe workout that many pregnant women engage in well into the later months of pregnancy, however we encourage you to consult your physician before attending City Cycle classes.
Not only do we have restrooms, but we have showers and fully stocked changing rooms as well as lockers with USB ports for charging up your phone while you are in class!
Absolutely. Our studio is always available to rent for private events! Please contact us here at the stuido anytime to help you plan your event.